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BuckBuster Tack - BuckBuster Halter and BuckBuster Bridle Tulsa Broken Arrow OK
Stop Horse Bucking The BuckBuster Anti Buck Halter was invented to stop Horse Bucking in Oklahoma, the heartland of America. It is manufactured with the highest quality materials right here in the U.S.A. Our business is family owned and operated to provide personal service second to none. BuckBuster Tack is available in two versions and will Stop Your Horse from Bucking, The BuckBuster Halter and The BuckBuster Bridle Bucking Tools. The original BuckBuster Halter requires the use of a bridle overtop. The BuckBuster Bridle eliminates the need for a bridle overtop. The BuckBuster Halter is designed to work with a saddle that has a saddle horn. If you have an English saddle, then the purchase of an English Saddle Strap Adapter will be necessary in order to use your BuckBuster.

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